ITF Tournaments - additional info

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ITF Tournaments - additional info


Entry forms should be send to email: 

Entry form deadline: 8th March 2018 / 9th March 2018

Withdrawal deadline:  13th March 2018 / 14th March 2018

Entry fee:
60 EUR / Pair / one event, 100 EUR / Pair / both events 


Acceptance lists, draws and orders of play

Drawsheet men - Group A - Sunday - 8 teams signed in

Drawsheet men - Group B - Sunday - 8 teams signed in

Drawsheet women - Sunday- 4 teams signed in

Order of play - Sunday

Acceptance lists men (both days same).


Acceptance lists women (both days same).

Tournament site:

Tournaments take place in Tennis&Beach Club Kapitol near the city center. There are 3 indoor-courts with great warm sand. 

Address: Magistrů 24, Prague 13, 155 00



There are many hotels in Prague. Easiest way to find some is through websites Please notice, that tournaments take place in Prague during Easter. This time period is classified as high season, please book your hotel as soon as possible. 

Hotel, which is closest to tournament site is Hotel Abito, which is accesible from the Inner Prague Highway. 

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